Bear Republic – Thru The Haze IPA

I love hazy IPAs and I’m excited that the bigger craft brewers are getting in on the action. And it’s actually really exciting that so many hazies are good but not great. Since it show s there’s room to grow and that there is still the ability to have a competitive advantage in the brewing/recipe formulation process that cannot immediately be replicated by the big breweries. I tried Bear Republic’s take on a hazy, “Thru the Haze IPA”. It’s good. I have a 5 pack in my fridge that I’m looking forward to working my way through. It tastes as you would expect a hazy to taste – juicy, fruity aroma, more of that paired with an almost orange juice flavor and texture (low pulp, though) on the first sip. That’s followed up by a very light bitterness that I always think of as mosaic bitterness. A good beer. But it didn’t blow me away like the hazies from Trillium or Treehouse or Monkish did and that’s a great thing. As long as smaller brewers can come up with innovative recipes and then have enough free time in the market before the rest of the pack catches up, there will remain an incentive to innovate and push new and great beers.

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