From Bottle Logic’s beginning, Brandon Buckner has been responsible for the outward look and feel of the Bottle Logic brand as its brand manager. He’s doing a pretty amazing job with their bottle releases selling out in seconds. Their site describes him as an avid chef who enjoys exploring different flavor combinations between food and beer. Like most brewers, he’s always had an entrepreneurial streak. He opened his own retail shop just out of high school then worked as a Master Trainer for 24 Hour Fitness where he curated all parts of the customer’s interaction with the club.

Wes Parker is the brewmaster of Bottle Logic. He’s another serial entrepreneur who founded internet companies from viral media sites to community social news and entertainment sites. He says on the site that it was the act of building new ideas and seeing them rise from nothing to something that really drove him. This creative drive found another outlet in home brewing where he started with the standard issue bucket fermenter. He then proceeded to blow past the norms of homebrewing (small and simple) to building a system with multiple glycol controlled fermenters, that are more commonly found in nano breweries and huge beer bars. This obsession led him to go pro and start up Bottle Logic Brewing.

As might be expected, the president of the brewery, Steve Napolitano was also a homebrewer, but has the unique career path of law, finance, and his own tutoring business. 

All these diverse passionate backgrounds have built up a pretty impressive brewery that makes consistently excellent and innovative beer.

Common Roots Brewing Company suffered a devastating fire yesterday. Thankfully, reports are that nobody was hurt but this is still sure to be a very tough time for the owners and the employees and their loyal beer fans. The brewery was insured, so hopefully everyone will be able to rebuild and get back to doing what they love. This may even be the catalyst needed to leap into larger production.

This is in stark contrast to one of the most famous brewery fires in craft beer history – the fire at Pierre Celis’ brewery in 1985. Pierre Celis had single-handedly saved the Belgian-style witbier and brought it over to the US to great success. When his uninsured brewery burned down, he had no real choice but to sell to InBev.

Hopefully, this fire will not lead to a similar result. Our thoughts go out to everyone at Common Roots and we hope to be able to get a taste of their beer in the near future.

Bear Republic – Thru The Haze IPA

I love hazy IPAs and I’m excited that the bigger craft brewers are getting in on the action. And it’s actually really exciting that so many hazies are good but not great. Since it show s there’s room to grow and that there is still the ability to have a competitive advantage in the brewing/recipe formulation process that cannot immediately be replicated by the big breweries. I tried Bear Republic’s take on a hazy, “Thru the Haze IPA”. It’s good. I have a 5 pack in my fridge that I’m looking forward to working my way through. It tastes as you would expect a hazy to taste – juicy, fruity aroma, more of that paired with an almost orange juice flavor and texture (low pulp, though) on the first sip. That’s followed up by a very light bitterness that I always think of as mosaic bitterness. A good beer. But it didn’t blow me away like the hazies from Trillium or Treehouse or Monkish did and that’s a great thing. As long as smaller brewers can come up with innovative recipes and then have enough free time in the market before the rest of the pack catches up, there will remain an incentive to innovate and push new and great beers.

Last Sunday, Bottle Logic dropped a release of Fundamental Theorem, a 20% ABV stout. Demand was far higher than supply, and the good brewers at Bottle Logic were kind enough not to ramp up the price of these bottles to even out supply and demand. So they set up an Event Brite sale selling for $35 each. Thousands of hopeful beer fanatics frantically refreshed the sale page hoping to catch the moment that the sale went live at noon. The clock struck 12. Seconds later, they sold out. Another minute later and a bottle was posted on eBay with a minimum bid of $500. If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle of Fundamental Theorem last weekend, rumor has is that Bottle Logic is serving Fundamental Theorem on tap at their Anaheim, CA taproom this Sunday (March 24). So if you’ve got time, here’s a great excuse for a road trip (or maybe a Lyft ride, it’s 20% ABV after all, and you’re definitely going to want to try their other amazing beers).